Thursday, October 3, 2013

National Rice Day

Every year Nepal celebrates Asar 15 (according to Nepali calendar) as Rastriya Dhan Diwas ie National Rice Day or National Paddy Day. It is celebrated to mark the peak season of paddy transplantation in Nepal. Rice is the major staple food of Nepal, on which people spend as much as 34% of total monthly food expenditure. Rice supplies 40% per capita of the total calorie intake. It accounts for 55% of total cereal production in the country. (Ref: IRRI).

Here is a collection of snaps that I personally shot during rice transplantation activities in around hilly region of Nepal.

People busy for land preparation for the transplantation of rice..

Terrace Land for rice transplantation

busy days! 

here I come with sth to eat! Lets eat!!!

lets eats folks...

how does it look!

a woman busy in rice transplantation 

women comprises a huge share of agri labor in Nepal

together we sing and work!

Rice seeding for transplatation

Great smile..